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CHS Co-op Placement students: January 15, 2024

The Co-op Placement Program at Carrington High School provides opportunities for many students to gain experience and provide businesses with assistance during the school year. Our Chamber & EDC organization would like to share information about each student and what they are learning while in the Co-op Program this year.

Morgan Sherman works in the afternoons at Small Steps Child Care. Morgan washes dishes, changes diapers, vacuums/cleans and sets up snacks. She relates that a skill she is learning is patience. Morgan says her favorite thing about her time at Small Steps Child Care is "Being on the couch with the kids." When asked what her least favorite task might be, she offers: "Going in the classroom (the room for older kids) to do activities."

Over at Runnings, Co-op Program student Jozey Retzlaff is busy running the till for customers, working in the warehouse and pet section with stock. Jozey says "My favorite thing to do here is putting vet and pet freight away." She feels that learning social, speaking and financial skills have been important. A least favorite task is helping customers in a department that I'm not as familiar with.

Logan Weninger works at Dollar General during weekday mornings for approximately 1 1/2 hours. While at Dollar General, Logan stocks shelves, works on overstock, answers questions and assists customers. Logan says his favorite thing about his time at Dollar General is "Helping people and learning skills such as communication and multitasking." When asked what his least favorite task might be, he offers: "When it really gets hectic."